Explore the world of Birds with the Kid Birder – Pranjal

Thanks for joining me in the exciting journey of the birding world.

Here is little bit about me and how I started my birding expedition. You will get to know me through the eyes of birds I see.  I’ll tell you how I got interested, why I loved these little-big, charming-not so charming but yet fascinating creatures.

So, I’m Pranjal -“The Kid Birder”, around 8 years old and as you would have guessed I love birding. I don’t know when I actually started birding – may be in my previous life, I was a birder too. Because my mom says – my first word I said was bird.

As a kid I loved many things, such as cars, trains, legos, rubiks cube and of course the birding. There were phases when I went all about birds and collected many plush birds and even had a bird themed birthday party.

On the serious side, it all started when some of my friends at school were drawing birds in the free time. I got me super excited and we created an informal bird research club. We did meet at the daycare time and drew birds together and discussed about them. I made a bird booklet for my mom for mother’s day. It was a crappy drawing booklet, but my mom loved it. After that wherever we went, I looked for birds.

Then, my mom found about the local Audubon Society and signed up for some of the birding trips for me. So, this is how it all got started.

A lot about me. From now on, it is the time to talk about birds and NOT Me…..because this blog is about birding.

I love birding, because I get to go out in the nature, have fun with friends ( my bird friends :)) and these little creatures are amazing and each has such a unique personality. I like spotting them, listening to their songs and calls and love watching them having fun and be free in the wild.

More about my trips and expeditions in the upcoming blogs.

DSC04751Do not give up birding. It is so much fun to be out and admire some of the world’s best creatures — Pranjal

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