A is for American Goldfinch


Picture Source – Internet

It’s a pleasure to see the American Goldfinch males in Spring & Summer. That’s when the male has bright yellow feathers on the breast and a black cap. In winter, males are tan, the color of females year-round. The call of this bird is a high pitch potato chip (it’s referred to). These birds are only 5 inches long, yet very charming & pleasant. They come to feeders, so if you put one, you may see them. The scientific name of this bird is Spinus tripis.

Fast Facts

  • Scientific name – Spinus tripis.
  • Colors: Olive, Yellow
  • Habitat: many biomes
  • Length(in inches): 5 inches

Range Map
Goldfinch Range MapPicture @ TheCornellLab of Orinthology


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