Great Egret at Charleston Slough

After the kingfisher sight, I thought it was the best moment in my birding life. But I was wrong. See if you can guess from the pictures below before I tell more.

Seems like the Great Egret was waiting patiently,

Great Egret with the mouse

Oh no, something in his mouth ??

Great Egret

And the thing from mouth is gone. Do you see his swelled neck ?

If you still did not guess, let me tell you – As we approached the shoreline pond, this great egret was waiting patiently and we were wondering why. Maybe just another day, I thought . Suddenly there was a movement in the grass and guess what – there is something in the egrets mouth and egret is dunking it into the water. On the close-up shot, we saw Egret swallowing the whole mouse. And in a minute it was all gone. See the swelled-up neck – thats right – a little mouse is there. It sure likes its meal clean!

So, to my surprise I witnessed live, A Great Egret having its breakfast!

Happy Birding!

P.S. Thanks mom for helping me!

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