Barn Swallows At Charleston Slough

Charleston Slough bustles with the sights of shore birds through out the winter. In March as spring approaches, most of the shore birds have already started going north. After seeing the Belted Kingfisher and the Great Egret’s breakfast witness, I was keeping my fingers crossed to see some Pelicans. It was nearing the end of trail and no Pelicans in sight. But suddenly there was lots of activity of some small birds near the last pond where some weeds were growing, and there was a creek nearby. To our surprise, we saw around 40 Barn Swallows going here and there and up and down in all directions. These are beautiful, blue orange little creatures building their deck under pump station dock at the trail where one side goes to Palo Alto and another to Mountain View. If you are in the area, this would be good time to enjoy them.

These are pretty hard to capture on camera as they fly so swiftly, but few of them honored me and perched on the metal bars. Enjoy some pictures below.

Barn Swallow
Barn Swallow

Here’s some facts about this active and cute Barn Swallow that will help you identify them easily.

Size: Small bird around 5.9-7.5 in (15-19 cm)

Characteristics: Tan to Orange Underbelly, Orange Throat, Blue back and head, Forked tail, and quick flyers.

Habitat:They can be found in barns, meadows, and suburbs.

Nesting Grounds: Near water and under docks or similar structures near water

Nesting Season: March to July

Where in the World: North

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