Puerto Rico Trip Part 3 – Old San Juan

4/07/19, we decided to go to Old San Juan. My dad told me a few days ago that in his last visit he saw lots of Parakeets on the mango trees at Old San Juan. I was very excited to see Parakeets for the first time in Puerto Rico. My dad did not remember the exact place, so we have to wander around and search for the Mango trees with Parakeets. While walking on the San Juan fort walkway near the coast, we saw some juvenile Brown Pelicans. They were flying over the sea that we could see.

Brown Pelicans

Finally we found the mango trees. Not too long after, there were some parakeets over there. There was also a tree that had less leafs and more fruits. They looked like mango but a mango tree without leaves did not made any sense. When my mom found a fruit dropped on the ground and opened it, it was defiantly not Mango. But soon we saw number of parakeets enjoying that. I got to click lot of photos, and my dad made a video of them. My ID confirmed these as White-winged Parakeets. I was really happy to see them. Enjoy their pictures and video.

White-winged Parakeet

As I was enjoying the parakeets, my mom pointed out a big bird that was about to land. Seeing this bird before, I was sure that it was a juvenile Brown Pelican.

Brown Pelican

As it was getting dark, we walked more towards the center of Old San Juan. We saw this bird that my ID told us that is a juvenile Greater Antillean Grackle.

Greater Antillean Grackle

Just a little bit after, we saw some tiny birds. I recognized it as a House Sparrow. But it was something I’ve never seen before. There was a House Sparrow feeding its kid! It was such a treat to see this mother kid love. I love my mommy like the baby bird loved her mommy.

House Sparrows

We decided to walk further on the San Juan Fort coast walkway to enjoy beautiful and serene ocean views from the fort. As we were walking towards the spot to get a taxi, we saw a Northern Mockingbird. This little fella gave me some really good shots.

Northern Mockingbird

And that’s all for the Puerto Rico Trip Series! Happy Birding!

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