Hooded Oriole

I loved orioles since I was 5 years old. I had a big craze about Baltimore Orioles that lasted for quite some time. At age 5, I knew Baltimore Orioles were Maryland’s state bird and I used to think that a flight to Baltimore, MA will take me to an Oriole Wonderland. I even made my mom to paint a Baltimore Oriole painting. I still have not got a chance to see the Baltimore Oriole. But at least I got to see my first Oriole – The Hooded Oriole. It was boldly vivid and amazingly beautiful. I saw it at the April 20th Birdathon at McClellan Ranch. Today, I will be overviewing the Hooded Oriole.

Hooded Oriole

The Hooded Oriole is a migratory Oriole. They are found in Mexico and the Western United States. They breed in California and parts of Texas and Mexico. They winter in Southwestern Mexico. The male Hooded Oriole has a slender body, bright yellow orange hood and breast, and a black throat that extends around the eyes. It has black wings and tail. The female are olive yellow throughout the whole body except the grayish wings. They are found in open
woodlands. Hooded Orioles eat insects, but they also come to backyard feeders where there is fruit. They also nest in trees.

As always, Happy Birding! Stay tuned so you don’t miss on any new posts. See you next time!

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