Mother’s Day Special

Again a late post, but better late than never is what I learnt from my mom. We had so many things going on with our move to Puerto Rico. It is a big change for us and I’ll talk about my experiences in the future posts. With all the packing and moving, me and esp my mom did not had time to review and approve my posts. Finally she has sometime, so I’m starting right from the Mother’s Day 2019.

Mother’s Day is a day to thank your moms. I love my mom and so all kids do. This mother’s day, we decided to go for bird walk searching for mommy and baby birds. Well in case of birds, it is a mommy or daddy and baby birds.

We started at Charleston Slough – my most favorite place for the birding with my mentor Allen Royer. This was my last but very precious walk as I was soon moving away from California. I wanted to keep this mother’s day memorable by being with people I like and enjoy baby birds.

As its spring and breeding season, there were more songbirds than waterfowl and some very naughty baby birds.

Our first baby sighting was a big Canada Goose family wading at Shoreline lake. They seemed like a big happy family enjoying their morning swim after breakfast.

Over there, at the lake, there was a gosling that was going across the water making this high pitch call. Then two Canada Geese were chasing it behind. The gosling was ignoring their parents before the parents caught up with it. This rebellion was quite a sight.

We enjoyed some more Mallards before heading to actual Charleston Slough. There were not many birds except few Avocets. There were two Avocets and they were becoming very territorial. We looked closer as why this was happening and Allen spotted the baby Avocet in the far near marsh and pickle weed. It was so great to see this little one playing in and out around the marsh and pickle weed area with the confidence that his parents was there to protect him/her. Another great spotting and experience on Mother’s Day.

American Avocet

After our morning bird walk we went to see an art exhibition. I met my mom’s office colleagues there. Usha aunty did join us at home and we did spend afternoon watching birds at my backyard feeders. We saw, lesser goldfinches, chestnut backed chickadees and house finches enjoying the feast in my backyard. I quickly got Usha aunty into birdwatching. So, we decided to visit our nearby Martial Cottle Park that had some blue bird nests. I hoped to see some baby bluebirds there.

So, we went for a walk to Martial Cottle park and to our surprise, there was a bluebird box with baby bluebirds in it. We spent sometime observing blue bird feeding its baby. has and saw some Western Bluebird babies and its father feeding it. They caught insects, flew to the other nest box or nearby place, and if the coast is clear, it will quickly feed his babies and once it’s done, it will search for another insect.

Western Bluebird

A few Bluebirds later, there were two territorial adult Killdeer those were making a fuss. We didn’t know why, but after looking carefully in the grasses around we found few baby killdeers running around. These were adorable baby killdeer and that is why parent Killdeer were being very territorial. I heard that to lure predators away, Killdeer parents do a “broken wing” dance as well. We did not witness one though.


In the evening another of my mom’s office colleague Kriti aunty did join us at home. I had been to Coyote Valley earlier and was super excited to know that there was Bullock’s Oriole nest there. As I was sharing my excitement and was explaining about orioles in Coyote Valley, we all got super interested and decided to go see Oriole in Coyote Valley. Luckily it was mot far from my home and my mom agreed to drive us there. As Coyote valley, we saw a Yellow-billed Magpie, Rock Wren, House Wren, Western Kingbird, Brewer’s Blackbird, American Kestrel, Hooded Oriole, and Bullock’s Oriole.

We were very interested in the Bullock’s Oriole’s nest and finding baby orioles in there. Lisa from Los Gatos Bird Watchers told us that the nest was on the oak tree near the parking lot. We needed patience to wait and watch. As my mom enjoyed her evening tea with friends at the parking lot, I kept a close eye on the bird next. In sometime, we saw a male and female Bullok’s Oriole taking turns to go inside the nest. we could hear the baby’s voices but they were well hidden behind the leaves. I tried to capture the pictures, but was not aware of the baby oriole in the picture below until I reached home and was looking at my clicks of the day. I got my best surprise of Mother’s Day with the below picture of Bullock’s Oriole with baby oriole peeking out from behind.

Bullock’s Oriole

All in all, a very happy Mother’s Day spent in the company of some good friends, Birds and Baby Birds. They all are super cute and always will remain special to me.

And that’s all! Stay tuned for more updates! See you next time!

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