Magpies at Coyote Valley OSP (Open Space Preserve)

During the Spring birdathon, I missed to go to Coyote Valley. That night, I got to see some photos of the birdathon from another great photographer friend Tony Woo. I really wanted to go and see them by myself. So, I asked my mom if we could go to Coyote Valley. My mom searched to see if there were any trips to Coyote Valley. She found one with Lisa Myers from the Los Gatos Birdwatcher and I was the happy birder dreaming about my trip for days.

When we went, we got to see many birds that I haven’t seen before. There were the Western Kingbirds which I saw a day before at Martial Cottle Park, the Yellow-billed Magpie, a California native, and the Rock Wren. Today we will talk about the Yellow-billed Magpie.

The Yellow-billed Magpie is a member of the crow family. It has a long, black tail, long, slender body, yellow bill, Black head, chest, tail and wings, a little white on the wings, and a white breast. They are only found in Central California and South California.

Magpies looks so beautiful in flight. They have a long slender body in flight, and it is a beautiful sight to see it in flight. it flies so gracefully. Their calls are a series of a shek-shek-shek call..

Yellow-billed Magpie
Yellow-billed Magpie

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