I have published my First Birding Book!

Hey you all! I have finally published a book – my memoir of birding in California from 2018 -2019. The book is titled as “Birds Around Us – A visual treat for BirdNerds from the lenses of TheKidBirder”. Through my birding blog and this book, I wanted to show the amazing and beautiful moments I have cherished while exploring and watching them in California. I wish to inspire other kids to be out in the nature, learn about birds and protect these little beautiful creatures from extinction.

The book starts with the story of my birding journey and highlights my main trips. I had many trips with the Santa Clara Audubon Society (http://www.scvas.org) and the Los Gatos Birdwatcher (http://www.losgatosbirdwatcher.com). Here I got to meet my mentors – Allen Royer, Lisa Myers, Mary Wisnewski and others. Among many wonderful trips, my favorite trip was the one to the Merced Wildlife Refuge with Lisa Myers from the Los Gatos Birdwatcher. There I got to see thousands of migratory geese and the highlight would be the Horned Larks. They were so cute! My captures are not great from that trip due to my very small point and shoot camera I was carrying, but the moments are itched in my memory for my lifetime.

Then shows my tips for birdwatching. My favorite one and the one I learned most from was to observe before clicking photos of them. That helped me a lot in my birding life. And then you need to get out and observe the birds in the neighborhood parks, lakes, marshes and wherever you see them. A good binocular is a MUST; not super expensive ones, but also not the toy binoculars.

The next section of the book you get to enjoy the pictorial beauty of the birds I watched and was able to click at various locations. This also includes the short description so you can learn a bit about them.

At the end comes the species accounts for my California birding. Overall I have seen 132 birds being in the Bay Area and around. This is to demonstrate, that you really do not have to travel so far to start your birding journey. Weekend morning 2-3 hour trips are good enough. Also, you need a good camera but really not the DSLR to start your birding photography. I started with 20x point and shoot (which clicked decent photos) and now have 83X point and shoot camera (clicks really nice pictures). Being a kid, I cannot handle more weight than this. But this does not stop me from birding and photographing.

My favorite click is this immature male Rufous Hummingbird visiting my yard.

Rufous Hummingbird

My book It is currently listed on sale for three ways: The hardcopy magazine format (a really nice format and my favorite), the pdf of the book, the ebook (which is viewable on any device), and the Ipad version (is the same as ebook, but only viewable on Ios devices).The link to buy this book is here: https://www.blurb.com/b/9581571-birds-around-us.

Hope you buy and enjoy reading my book !! Happy Birding Bird Nerds 🙂

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