PR Diaries: Trip to Caño Tiburones Nature Preserve (Rt. 681) with Sadhu Govardhan & Kenny Enriquez, 12/28/19 (Part 1 of SOPIPR CBC)

Note: This is the first part of the CBC. The second and third parts will be posted soon.

At 6:00 in the morning, I was very excited for the trip that I was going to have. We were going to Arecibo, and I heard that there were a few rare species. When we reached there, we were taking a breath outside the car when I realized that there were White Ibises flying overhead! What a bird! They are mainly white except the face and the curved bill that is red.

White Ibis

When our birding partners came, I met two very great human beings and birders: Sadhu Govardhan and Kenny Enriquez. Sadhu Govardhan owns the Govardhan Farms, and he knows all the top spots for certain birds. Kenny is # 11 in PR for species this year, and he also knows a lot about birds. I had a very good time with them. When we went inside the forest, we passed two bridges: A bridge with an unprotected side and a creeky, wooden bridge. Right after that, the first thing we saw was the Mangrove Cuckoo. He didn’t pose for pictures, but it was right in front of us. We were trying to get a good look at the Scarlet Ibis, but we didn’t manage to. We saw it, and the pics are ok. They are basically red all over. 

Scarlet Ibis

We walked a little further and saw a Female Spindalis. They aren’t as appealing as the males, but they sing nicely. Then we saw a shocker- A Black-and-white Warbler! A brand new species for me. They are white with black stripes all over. We also saw a Northern Parula and a few Bananaquits. But while coming back, we saw a Male Spindalis! They are the ones that have really nice plumage. We saw many White Ibises fly-by. At the end, we saw a Mangrove Cuckoo, a Yellow-crowned Night-heron, and a Belted Kingfisher.

Puerto Rican Spindalis
Mangrove Cuckoo
White Ibis

From there we went to an oceanside to find seabirds. We saw terns, pelicans, and an oystercatcher. That was the first part of the trip. I will see you in the second part. 

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