PR Diaries: Trip around Barceloneta With Sadhu Govardhan & Kenny Enriquez, 12/28/19 (Part 2 of SOPIPR CBC)

Please read the first part before you start reading this. If you haven’t seen the first part, go here.

After the visit to Caño Tiburones, I wanted to see a dream bird: the Saffron Finch and requested Sadhu and Kenny if they know where to find it and can show us around. Sadhu and Kenny as an expert birder knew where to find and was gracious enough to take us to a water treatment plant “Planta Regional de Tratamiento Barceloneta”. This is the place where they saw the Saffron Finches a week ago.

It was quite a scenic drive around the see to reach “Planta Regional de Tratamiento Barceloneta. When we reached there, we first saw an American Kestrel sitting on the tall tree near entrance. As we parked and started walking in we noticed the grass where Sadhu and Kenny saw finches last time was moved and Saffron Finches were not there. As Saffron Finches feeds on the grass seeds and those were gone, we were getting disappointed that we may not be able to see them. Kenny and Sadhu suggested to keep an eye on the Grackle flock as sometimes Saffron Finches mix with them. We kept an open eye and started scouting.

As we were looking around the grackles on the ground my Mom noticed some small birds of a bit far tree and asked Kenny for the id. Kenny confirmed that they were Saffron Finches. And then the finches flew right in front of us in the closet trees and fences as if they were happy to see us, posing for us to capture their beauty. We captured multiple shots of both the male and female, but the male came out best. We went further and saw a few more female finches. They were amazing. Along with that, we also saw a Puerto Rican Flycatcher.

Saffron Finch (male)
Saffron Finch (female)
Puerto Rican Flycatcher

On our walk back to car, we saw the American Kestrel still sitting on the tall tree and decided to capture that beauty as well.

American Kestrel

From there, we went to another place to find another rare: an Upland Sandpiper. I exactly don’t know the name of the spot, but it was in Barceloneta itself.

When we reached there, we met with another SOPI group. One of the SOPI leaders showed me where the Upland Sandpiper was, and I took a lot of photos. 

Upland Sandpiper (rare)

That was the end of the second part. I will see you in the third part. 

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