Trip around Camuy with Sadhu Govardhan and Kenny Enriquez, 12/28/19 (Part 3 of SOPIPR CBC)

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After seeing the Upland Sandpiper, we stopped for a short break at the La Industrial Bakery in Barceloneta; the bakery had some great selection of sweets if you have a sweet tooth. After a quick lunch we all decided to visit Camuy to try finding the Red Knot, the American Golden-Plover and the Great-tailed Grackle. Camuy is a 45 min drive from Barceloneta. When we reached our first stop a small pond on Rt-485 (also known as Flamingo pond as a lone flamingo used to live there for 10 years), right away we saw a Little Blue Heron. And yes, the Little Blue Heron is smaller than the Great Blue Heron. We saw an uncommon Whimbrel, many Lesser Yellowlegs, Some Ruddy Turnstones, Glossy Ibises, and a few White-cheeked Pintails. 

Glossy Ibis
Whimbrel (uncommon)
White-cheeked Pintails
Little Blue Heron
Ruddy Turnstones

We then went to another pond in the diameter of Finca Nolla. We saw mainly the same species but many in numbers. But I identified a new species – Muscovy Duck. They are domesticated in PR, and their face sort of looks like a turkey. That might be all I have to tell you because it is so unique.

Mainly all the birds here, how many can you identify?

We then went to the beach section of Finca Nolla. Sadly, due to high tides we did not see the sandpiper we were looking for: Red Knot. Nonetheless, we saw some nice flying pelicans, turnstones, and Black-bellied Plovers. This was at 3:30 pm in the evening.
We all were very tired after the full day birding and decided to end CBC for the day.

Black-bellied Plover
Ruddy Turnstone
Brown Pelicans

I’m so thankful to Sadhu Govardhan and Kenny Enriquez for that one day trip. They are such expert birder and yet very humble human beings. I have learned a lot from these two mentors in birding, birding equipments, and more as how to be a great human being. 

That’s all for the trip! See you later!

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