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PR Diaries: Birding at Playa de Borinquén with Sociedad Orintólogica Puertorriqueña, Aguadilla, PR 11/09/2019

Hi! Today I will be talking about our birding visit to El Playa de Borinquén, or in english, Borinquen Beach, and we went with the Sociedad Orintólogica Puertorriqueña.

El Playa de Borinquén is a beach in the northwestern corner of Puerto Rico. There are some main places such as: Wilderness Beach, Las Ruinas del Faro La Ponderosa, Crash Boat Beach, and the actual Borinquén Beach. Be careful while swimming though; the sea and currents are really strong. Once you park, look toward the sea and look right of that, you will see a giant cliff. I saw Pelicans going in and out of the cliff. It seen=med like there are some nests. And maybe there is, maybe there isn’t.

The drive from home to Aguadilla took approximately two hours. We were excited about the forest and what birds we would find there. I was mainly wanting to find the Puerto Rican Spindalis, Northern Parula, and American Redstart, but any warbler would make me happy.

When we reached there, the very first thing I saw was the pelicans foraging. While we were waiting for the rest of the birding members to come, I spotted a Whimbrel and clicked some pictures.

It was a nice surprise to find many bilingual local birders as I was expecting mostly Spanish speaking birders based on past trip experience.

Brown Pelican

We were split into two groups for the actual birding trip. I was very happy to be Gabriel Lugo – expert birding guide and one of my birding mentor to whom I ask so many questions and he patiently responds to those.

In our group, along the road, we first witnessed a Prairie Warbler. It is yellow with black breast stripes. Right after that, on that same tree, we saw a Northern Parula. Parula’s have blue-gray backs and yellow breasts. They both are very energetic birds and move at almost every split-second. It was a delight to see these birds flitter around.

I was able to then see the Puerto Rican Spindalis for my first time! I was so happy. On the tree right next to it, we also saw an American Redstart! And it was a male! That was one warbler I was dreaming to see.

We hiked a little bit, and in between we heard a Ovenbird. When you first see it, it looks sort of like a thrush. But, it is a warbler. Once we reached the top, we saw a Cape May Warbler, Adelaide’s Warbler (Endemic to Puerto Rico), Northern Parula, Puerto Rican Oriole, Puerto Rican Bullfinch, Bananaquit, and Puerto Rican Woodpecker. Too bad I couldn’t get any good photos of the warblers as I’m still adjusting to the dense forest birding in Puerto Rico and not great at clicking pictures.

Signing off, TheKidBirder.

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